Movie Review Guide

movie reviews

We will be adding movie reviews to our upcoming posts. So we would like to give you a head start in reading those. Our website has a personal touch, and for that reason we won’t be using the template other websites’ use in writing movie reviews.

Striking Lines

As much as possible, we won’t be giving you much spoilers. Off course, we want you to watch the movie and enjoy it. We can’t promise you that there will be no spoilers at all, it’s a incurable disease. We will try our best to keep ourselves from disclosing too much details about the main event. To aid us in our goal, we will be featuring striking lines from the movie. At least, you can have a good judgment of the script writing quality of the movie without knowing the whole story.

5/5 Rating Guide

We will be using the 5/5 rating system. The highest is 5 and the lowest is 1. There will be justification and explanation as to how we judged the movie. Just remember that this is our own opinion. We respect everyone’s opinion and if you disagree with our movie, send us an email and tell us the things we missed.


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