Online Streaming


Those bulky DVD’s and tapes era is over. Save space by streaming online. Don’t worry there are many legits sites where you can watch full movie for free. Some of them might ask you to subscribe to have access to their data base. But that is really simple compared to the freebies you will get. So let us share you some of our favorite online streaming sites.

Their website is quite easy navigate plus they’ll provide you with a movie guide so you would know right away if the movie is for you. There are ratings provided to know whether the movie is worth watching or not. But for my buddy and I, we don’t really base our choices in ratings. Because judging a movie can be subjective and would always depend on the audience. But for many they find it helpful.

Tubi TV

Here’s another good website to stream movies online. The contents are not limited to movies, they also have collections of series, talk shows, and other TV shows. The best thing about Tubi TV is it has minimal ads. lets you download their content aside from watching it for free. They update their website regularly which is something to look forward to for movie addicts like us. Also, you can watch TV series and other TV shows.

If you want to have a constant access to free movies, you can try subscribing to streaming services. Here are our favorites: Netflix ($7.99/month), Hulu ($7.99/month), and CBS All Access ($5.99 per month).