What Is Buddy Flick?

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Why We Created Buddyflick?

Buddyflick is created by two movie addicts. Our mentor asked us to do movie reviews as our project. After we submitted our project, we had this idea to turn it into a website. Why not? We get to record all of our movies and at the same time do something to burn our time creatively.

What’s The Difference Of Our Website To Other Movie Sites

It’s our favorite bonding activity, watching movies and series. You can consider us geeks, nerds, or whatever you call it but that’s totally fine with us. We celebrate individuality and branding us don’t really matter. We created this website to record all of the movies we have watched. Movie recommendations and reviews are already common in the internet such us Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes, PluggedIn, IMDB, and more. But comparing our website to these other platforms, our website is more personal, that’s the difference.

Let us give you more reasons why you have to subscribe to our website:

  • Get the best movies to watch with your favorite buddy/buddies.
  • Access to honest reviews of movies worth watching.
  • Save time researching what movies to watch because you can get them all here.
  • You have to subscribe because this is an awesome website.